Pre-Paint Cleaning Methods: Pressure Washing Vs. Hand Cleaning

When hotels or homeowners plan on painting their exterior anew, they always need to face one challenge prior to the actually painting: removing all the dirt, old paint, and other unneeded substance on the walls or on the roof (whichever part that needs painting). This is crucially important because when old paints are not removed properly, the new paint will have more difficulty in bonding itself to the wall, making it easier to crack, chip, and even torn. The good news is there are different ways on how to remove old paint, and the two most common methods are calling a professional for pressure wash or do it yourself by scrubbing the walls and surfaces. Of course, calling a professional such as the pressure washing Los Angeles County is a better choice as it is more convenient, safe, and more efficient.

Pre-paint cleaners

Whether oyu prefer convenience and choose pressure washer, pr choose the traditional scrubbing, your task will be much easier if you use pre-paint cleaners. Make sure that the cleaner is safe to the environment and is not hazardous to pets, children, and plants. To test if it’s safe, dampen or spray first to your garden and plants and see the results. If the plants do not wither after some time, the chemicals used in the cleaner solution are safe and unhazardous.

Now that you have good and safe pre-paint cleaners, it is time to choose between pressure washing or hand scrubbing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing the surface will be more efficient as it uses high-pressure water spray to make the water more impactful when it reaches the surface, thus effectively removing difficult stains, old paints, dust, grime, etc. Aside from being efficient, using a pressure washer will double or even triple your speed compare to hand scrubbing the dirt on the surface. it is also more convenient as you do not need to crouch and scrub back and forth, side to side to clean your roof and siding. It is also easier to do as you will be needing to only maneuver the equipment and nothing else, unlike doing the scrubbing where you need to carry some water with the cleaning solutions and at the same tie your brush. However, you need to be careful in using the equipment as it can be dangerous because of the pressure it has.


Hand scrubbing is the most traditional and the simplest method of cleaning and preparing your walls and/or roof for new paint. And of course, there is nothing wrong with is as long as you can endure long hours of scrubbing under the heat of the sun. The good thing about this method is it is fool-proof and anyone who has a strong back is able to do the tasks.

However, the problem is this task will really slow you down, and at the same time does not guarantee efficient results as there could be a difficult stain that your force is not able to remove.

Final thoughts

Both of the methods have pros and cons. However, if you want faster, more convenient, and more efficient results, opt for a pressure washing method and call a professional.